Child Early Intervention Medical Center (CEIMC) Occupational Therapy Department runs a specialized Vision Therapy program supervised by a behavioral optometrist specializing in vision rehabilitation. Vision Therapy may be required if your child participates in visual self- stimulatory behaviors and/or has difficulty with moving both eyes in unison, focusing, depth perception and visual perception skills. The CEIMC Vision Therapy program has assisted many children both typical and with special needs to improve their vision skills and maximize learning.

Vision Therapy Assessment and Evaluation

In order to conduct a Vision Therapy assessment, a child health history form and medical eye history form must be completed. An appointment can then be scheduled with the specializing optometrist when he/she is at CEIMC. The consultation will evaluate eye teaming, eye focusing, visual suppressions, depth perception, visual attention, eye health, refractive conditions, binocular visual skills, all occulomotor skills, and visual self-stimulating behavior. A treatment protocol and recommendations will then be provided if your child needs Vision Therapy.

Vision Therapy will be conducted by a qualified Occupational Therapist. Vision Therapy sessions will be conducted over a 30 minute period at CEIMC. Sessions will consist of a vestibular warm up activity followed by specific vision exercises based on your child’s vision assessment. Vision Therapy requires a reassessment every six months to monitor progress and update treatment protocols.

The CEIMC Vision Therapy Department offers thirty minute vision therapy screenings if you are unsure if your child needs a full comprehensive vision therapy assessment. The Vision Therapy screenings are completed by a qualified Occupational Therapist.

The type of treatment protocol after a Vision Therapy assessment can be the following:

  • Treatment glasses with or without prisms.
  • Vision Therapy administrated by a qualified Occupational Therapist and supervised by a vision rehabilitation specialist.
  • Additional supplements.
  • Astronaut Therapy administrated by a qualified Occupational Therapist.
  • Computer Based Therapy via Internet and/or Occupational Therapy guided by a vision rehabilitation specialist.
  • IPad Occulomotor Therapy Program.
  • A combination of all of the above (which is usually the case).