Speech & Language Therapy



ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologists will work in conjunction with the child’s therapy team in setting individualized goals to improve speech and language skills, social skills and play skills, implementing therapy plan and monitoring progress. Speech and Language Therapy is dedicated to developing the communication skills of children.

Through the use of specialized therapy designs and models, selected goals will be achieved using evidence-based practice.

Using a collaborative approach Speech-Language Pathologists help your child to: improve the intelligibility of his/her speech, develop and improve comprehension and listening skills, express thoughts and ideas, initiate, maintain and participate in conversations and play, develop early literacy skills toward reading and academic success, manage meal times more successfully

Services are provided either on a one on one format or within a group setting depending on the therapy goals and individual needs.

Alternative and augmentative communication tools, such as computers, sign language, pictures boards or the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) may be used to facilitate functional communication skills.

Within the medical settings, Speech-Language Pathologists teach young patients safe swallowing techniques to prevent food aspiration into the lungs that may lead to life threatening situations.