School Shadow Advisors (SSA)

Inclusive education involves students with Special Education Needs (SEN) being supported in mainstream classrooms. Inclusiveness is a notion that embraces uniqueness and values the diversity that each learner brings to the classroom. This notion, if accepted and if executed with the proper supports in place, can eventually leads to an invaluable and immeasurable sense of belonging for students with SEN in the school community.

At CEIMC we appreciate the individuality of all the children in our care and work endlessly and tirelessly to provide them with the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, age, background, ability, or disability. Every child’s individual strengths, needs, and potential abilities determine their suitability for inclusion. Once a child is ready for inclusion, we at CEIMC have experienced the best recipe for success to be proper supports and a balanced curriculum. A balanced curriculum that accepts and emphasizes each child’s personal qualities and their individual abilities and talents will springboard them into their future. The proper supports will ensure that these abilities and talents get recognized and will aim to “fill the gaps” between students with SEN and neuro-typical individuals. We strongly believe in the adage that “the experience of the majority should be the experience of all”.

Inclusion Supports

Once a child is ready to attend school, the CEIMC team offer the student’s family, shadow (1:1 aide), and school staff appropriate initial and on-going support and training to ensure that the learning objectives of the child are met. CEIMC’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) clinicians strive to make certain that all parties have the necessary tools they need to ensure that the child obtains the most he or she can from the inclusive educational environment.

CEIMC School Shadow Advisors (SSA)

School Shadow Advisors are dedicated to offering direct support to children who are experiencing difficulties in school. SSA’s are available to conduct school observations, functional behavior assessments, school shadow support and training, and to assist with Individualized Education Plans as needed throughout the school year.

  • Identify the specific skills to be targeted for acquisition and the behaviors targeted for reduction
  • Support/train school shadows to implement an individualized Behavior Support Plan (BSP)
  • Support/train school shadows to implement specific prompting techniques to teach new behaviors and to maintain previously acquired behaviors
  • Support/train school shadows to implement data collection systems
  • Manage challenging behavior
  • Support/train school shadows to encourage appropriate classroom behavior
  • Support/train school shadows to improve attending and listening skills
  • Support/train school shadows to improve peer relationships through social facilitation by establishing rapport with other children and facilitating parallel, cooperative, and associative play skills