Child Early Intervention Medical Center (CEIMC) takes pride in ensuring your child’s evaluation utilizes the most-up-to-date and valid assessment materials. Our occupational therapy assessment includes:

  • Review of Case history (to be completed by parents).
  • Initial consultation with Occupational Therapist (optional).
  • Standardized testing (including related checklists, parent questionnaire).
  • Scoring test(s), analyzing data, and typing up the formal assessment report and goals.
  • Parent meeting to discuss assessment results.


The case history provides the Occupational Therapist with relevant background and medical history, which may provide possible reasons or contributing factors for the child’s motor difficulties. It also helps the Occupational Therapist to determine what further questions need to be addressed in making a differential diagnosis.

Standardized testing will be performed along with observations and possible checklists related to the area(s) being assessed. The purpose for administering standardized assessments is to make comparisons of your child’s motor development to those of his/her age-matched peers. Furthermore, it aids the Occupational Therapist in determining if a delay or disorder exists.

Once testing and observations are completed, the therapist will develop a comprehensive written assessment report. The assessment report provides a thorough analysis and interpretation of the assessment results. The report is considered a medical record and provides parents and other professionals, who may be working with your child, information regarding the child’s strengths and weaknesses in the areas of fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, sensory motor and self-help skills. Furthermore, additional referrals or pertinent information in fostering the child’s motor development may be noted. Lastly, it will indicate whether Occupational Therapy is warranted, the recommended frequency and duration of treatment, and the initial treatment goals/objectives; which were developed based on the assessment results.

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