Learning Support Assistants (LSA)

Learning Support Assistants Dubai Advisers aid in seamlessly integrating the student in to the classroom setting and to provide the supports necessary to build on the child’s strengths and to teach the areas that are found to be weak. LSAs provide the 1:1 attention that the child needs but also understand when to fade out to facilitate natural peer interactions and to increase independence skills.

CEIMC’s School Shadow Advisors are well-equipped to be able to

  • Implement an individualized Behavior Support Plan (BSP)
  • Knows when to fade in & out
  • Implement specific prompting techniques to teach new behaviors and to maintain previously acquired behaviors
  • Provide proper levels/types of reinforcement
  • Implement data collection systems
  • Manage challenging behavior
  • Encourage appropriate classroom behavior
  • Improve attending and listening skills
  • Improve peer relationships through social facilitation by establishing rapport with other children and facilitating parallel, cooperative, and associative play skills
  • Read classroom and teacher cues & understand what is needed the throughout the day
  • Make proper modifications/accommodations of tasks that the student finds difficult
  • Understand that they are to assist the child & teacher