We provide a wide range of Diet and Nutrition services for children at all ages, including assessment, developing diet and nutrition plans, monitoring progress and education. For children with special healthcare needs, a good nutrition and diet support helps to minimize complications from disorders, medical treatments and surgery.

Children today are unknowingly eating foods that are having serious consequences on their wellbeing. The relationship between food and health is undeniable.

If your child has food allergy or if you suspect he might has food intolerance? Or you want to change something in his or her diet but don’t know where to start?

We can help you understand the concepts of nutrition, how to stop sugars, remove food colorings, MSG and inflammatory oils from your diet. The next step is to introduce body –building nutrients, teach you healthy recipes that heal the gut and put you on the right tract to a healthy diet for your entire family.

The basic changes will benefit all children as well as you.

Does that sound impossible? If you set your kitchen up correctly and with the right plan it is actually very possible.

Our Specialist will:

  • Review the child’s nutrition intake, diet history and other factors that may be influencing his or her condition.
  • Give you a personalized plan to start a gut healing diet, focusing on traditional foods.
  • Provide support with recipes, ingredients, equipment needed and the ABA feeding program if chosen.
  • Review laboratory tests and supplements that may be needed.
  • Invite patients to a support group where they can meet other parents to learn more about the importance of the right diet and to share feedback, recipes and tips on how to continue with the diet.


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