Our Psychologists carry out a range of assessments for a variety of purposes. They have a key role in the diagnosis, counseling, treatment and monitoring of children with any type of disability, behavioral need, emotional disorders or mental health concern. The services we provide are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client which includes therapy sessions, parenting sessions, group therapy sessions, and assessments (psycho-educational, psychosocial, and diagnostic evaluations). Off-site services, such as workshops and external consultations can also be arranged in certain cases.

At an initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to present and discuss your child and/or family’s concerns with a licensed professional.

Depending on the age and concerns of your child, an assessment will include various measures that will involve the child and parents’ participation, parent and teachers’ reports, as well as examiner observations. Comprehensive assessments involve extensive and individualized procedures that need to be scored and interpreted by qualified professionals, and therefore, we invest numerous hours on each client to provide high-quality reports.

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