Junior ABA Therapist

About the role

The main purpose of this role is to implement techniques based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) during 1:1 therapy sessions with children with autism and related disorders.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implement techniques based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the center, home, or school settings based on structured and individualized treatment programs designed by a Clinical Supervisor. These include skill acquisition programs and behavior plans, to teach children with autism language, play, social, self-help, and academic skills, while at the same time reducing the occurrence of maladaptive behaviors.
  • Collect data and maintain documentation pertaining to each child’s program.
  • Provide ongoing guidance within each client’s individual program, ensuring each client’s continued progress towards realizing their maximum potential based on the recommendations provided by Clinical Supervisors.
  • Participate in clinic meetings, workshops and training seminars as necessary.


Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology / Education / Physical Therapy.
  • Previous experience in ABA and working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is desirable. However, if you have a passion for working with children and/or are a graduate student looking for hands on experience you are welcome to apply.


About you

  • To be considered for this role, you must be passionate about teaching and interacting with children.
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Be enthusiastic and have high-energy levels.
  • Be able to work independently as well as take and process directions from mentors.


Note: You will be provided with extensive training and continued guidance regarding the therapy and will have the opportunity to progress to a Senior / Lead Therapist based on your performance.


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