7th Autism Around the World Conference 2016 brings experts to discuss technology for Inclusive Education under the theme” Enabling Through Technology”

Dubai, 1st November, 2016-

Under the Patronage of H.H Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Minister of Culture, Youth, and Social Development- United Arab Emirates Child Early Intervention Medical Center, in collaboration with Dubai Healthcare City and King Salman Center for Disability Research, launched the 7th Annual Autism Around the World Conference (AAWC) 2016 “Enabling Through Technology”, which will be held on 28-29 October, 2016 at Marriott Al Jadaf Hotel, Dubai, U.A.E.

The use of technology devices, like tablets with specialized applications for learning and development, is the new and innovative trend among educators. It is vital that schools help students with additional needs to access, participate, and progress in the general curriculum by utilizing available educational technologies. Technology can help schools fulfill these requirements and help all students succeed by personalizing instruction for students with additional needs to improve and enhance their learning.

The AAWC brought together experts and educators in an energetic forum which addressed challenges facing students affected by Learning Difficulties, Developmental Delays, Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s) today. The conference also focused on vocational and job placement challenges for young adults. Among the speakers was Mr. Kerry Magro, an adult who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4, and now has Master’s Degree, has published several books, and is an international speaker on his experiences as a person on the Autism Spectrum.

Speakers, from the United States of America, Canada and Sweden discussed the use of technology for learning, communication, building social skills and the use of different online tools that are essential for the success of inclusion in mainstream education. Together they conducted an active forum and share their expertise in 20 workshops over the 2 days of the conference.

In addition, the AAWC hosted for the first time a poster clinic, where 15 presenters from around the world presented case studies, research, and new tools that are used in the field of Autism and ASD.

The AAWC Exhibition showcased the latest products, applications, resources and technology tools that can help teachers, students and their families.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide children with special educational needs greater opportunities for success in mainstream education and to provide educators and professionals the tools to make this journey possible and collaborate in supporting their needs. We hope through the “ Enabling Through Technology Conference” that more students will succeed in mainstream education and that the wider community will become aware of their needs” said Dr Hibah Shata, Managing Director and AAWC Chairperson. “We are confident that with the support and participation of teachers and special educators, many children will find their journey in mainstream school more successful and less stressful.”

The conference program included innovative solutions around in meeting the growing variability of students, especially those with disabilities and their struggling peers. The conference also focused on technology tools that can be used across settings that align to the instructional needs of the inclusive classroom. Solutions focused on learning, behavioral, social emotional, transitional, and similar elements that will further develop future and current teachers while empowering them with tools for the classroom.

The 7th Annual Autism Around the World Conference was held in partnership with King Salman Center for Disability Research and Dubai Healthcare City.

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