Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a systemic treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) based on scientific research. It is used to teach functional and relevant skills to give young children with ASDs the tools they need to learn to succeed. ABA therapy should begin as soon as the child has been diagnosed or as early as possible. A comprehensive ABA program:

  • Provides age-appropriate learning objectives.
  • Provides one-on-one therapy, initially administered in the home or center and then generalized to other settings, including the school.
  • Involves an intensive treatment program, between 20 and 40 hours of therapy per week.
  • Requires a minimum commitment of 2 to 4 years of continuous service for each child.
  • Provides continual support to parents as well as other family members throughout all the years the child attends Child Early Intervention Medical Center (CEIMC).
  • Supports the child, family, teachers and school administration during the period as the child transitions to school.


Our ABA program includes comprehensive supervision and consultation services, which assists parents and case managers in the development and implementation of individualized treatment plans, provides an opportunity to demonstrate new behavioral and educational interventions to be introduced into the child’s program of therapies, and provides parents and therapists training in effective techniques for managing everything from self-stimulatory behavior to friendship development.

ABA Services

1. Supervision and Consultations.
2. Individualized Assessments and ABA Programs.
3. ABA therapy sessions at home, center based, in outings and at school.
4. Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and Behavior Support Plans (BSPs).
5. Parent, Nanny, Shadow Teacher training on behavioral intervention techniques.
6. Inclusion support in mainstream nurseries and schools.
7. Toilet training.
8. Remote Supervision for clients living outside Dubai.