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What's New

Get your ABA Program with Remote Supervision
Get your ABA program for your child wherever you live with our Remote Supervision Program. We will reach to you wherever you are.
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Parent Trainings
Learning about ABA and how to manage your child`s behaviors would help your child achieve treatment goals faster and more effectively. Our parent Natural Environmental Training is offered at your convenience at home and helps you interact with your child in his/her natural environment,
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Psychological Assessment

A child and/or family are generally referred to our Psychology Department when there are concerns regarding behavioral, developmental,...

ABA Services

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a systemic treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) based on scientific research. It is used to teach functional...

Developmental Pediatrician

If your child has a developmental, learning, or behavioral problem, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician has the training and expertise...

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy is dedicated to developing the communication skills of children. Our Speech and Language Pathologists...

Occupational Therapy

Certified Occupational Therapists will work in conjunction with the child's therapy team implementing and monitoring gross motor, fine motor...

Day Learning Program

The Learning Day Program (LDP) offered at Child Learning and Enrichment Medical Center is an innovative program designed to prepare children with...

After School Enrichment Program

The Child Learning and Enrichment Medical Center offers an After School Enrichment Program catering to children from 4 to 10 years of age who need...

Dyslexia Intervention

The Dyslexia and Learning Difficulty Center is part of the Child Learning and Enrichment Medical Center. Our aim is to support children and young adults...


We are a highly specialized center which focuses on all aspects of child development from birth to 18 years. We offer developmental and psychological assessments, therapy services, special needs support and a variety of programs for children who require early intervention in learning or behavior. Our unique approach emphasizes individualized services for children and families that incorporate the importance of health and wellness, culture, family, language, community and how they contribute to a child’s overall development. We are experts in the field of child development and offer parents, caregivers and professionals within our community the resources and tools they require for successful intervention. Working together, we can help our children become the very best they can be.

Our Values

Provide Business Excellence
Meet Customer Expectations
Deliver Quality Services
Invest in People, Training, Coaching
    and Self-Development Programs
Pioneer Innovation
Promote Corporate Social Responsibility
     Practice in Company Culture
Engage the Public, Clients and
     Professionals in Continuous Education
Develop Research in the UAE

Our Promise

We are committed to supporting your child with his/her social, behavioral, communication and/or academic needs with our highly trained team and best researched methods and programs. Our inclusion model will make your child's transition to mainstream schools a successful one.
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